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In-app updates for iOS and Android

Started 20 Jul at 04:00pm BST, resolved 20 Jul at 08:30pm BST.

Apps updates service (iOS and Android)

The issue has been resolved and in-app updates have been re-enabled for all apps.

Posted 20 Jul at 08:30pm BST.

We have identified the root cause and are working on addressing it. App updates will be re-enabled for all apps within the next two hours.

Posted 20 Jul at 05:38pm BST.

We are currently working on fixing some critical issues which are affecting live apps.
Whilst we are doing this all live apps have temporarily been put into maintenance mode. This means that your app currently won't pick up any new app updates.

If you need to publish an update right now, you can go ahead and publish an in-app update as normal. This will take the app out of maintenance mode.
If you are experiencing any issues in your live app, please do get in touch and we will keep you up to date with our progress

Posted 20 Jul at 04:00pm BST.